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Chongqing Dakang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 2021 annual meeting and summary commendation conference
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A thousand warehouses full of golden ox, jade tiger spring all industry xing。On January 22, 2022, Chongqing Dakang Construction Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") held the 2021 Annual meeting and summary commendation Conference to summarize the past and look forward to the future。All employees of the company participated in the meeting, which was chaired by Xu Sufan of the Comprehensive Department and Xia Xinghao of the Quality and Safety Department。

All departments have made a comprehensive and objective summary of the work this year。The leaders also put forward new work requirements for 2022, constantly summarize experience, strengthen cooperation and exchange, and work together to complete the company's production and operation goals。

In the commendation conference in the afternoon, four awards were awarded: excellent staff award, excellent manager award, excellent Department award and excellent project Department。

Looking back at 2021, with the joint efforts of everyone, the company has achieved good business performance, it is hard to let everyone gain something, and it is to pay to let everyone feel honored。

Exciting sweepstakes

Everyone through the lucky passing of the way to draw, to draw the family, distribute lucky red envelopes, send New Year wishes, the venue filled with lively and exciting atmosphere, cold winter let everyone feel warm。

Lively and interesting game session

We use our brains to cooperate with each other, participate in and complete the game, and get their own rewards。

Time is silent, but all the answers are presented。Looking back at 2021, we have witnessed the continuous growth of the company, felt the pulse of rapid development, we draw strength in the leap, harvest the future in confidence, looking forward to 2022, when the wind is Ji, when we should sail through the waves, a bright future, but also to persevere, keep pace with The Times, Hongyi Zhiyuan。