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Chongqing Dakang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. summer to send cool activities to all staff of the project department
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The continuous high temperature weather has brought severe "baking" tests to the construction workers at the site line。In order to do a good job of high temperature construction safety work,Ensure the physical and mental health of construction workers on site,Ensure the orderly progress of construction,7月14日,Company leaders accompanied by project leaders and related staff,Deep in Longli, drug rehabilitation center, Jiangjin De Sense, Ma 'Anshan and other projects to carry out condolences,Send cooling to the staff who are working in the construction in high temperature weather。

Dragon Power Project

Jiangjin De Sense parking lot project

Ma On Shan public parking lot project

Longevity support program

The rehab program

During the process of condolences, the company leaders understood the process of the project under construction, asked about the development of heat prevention and cooling measures and the working and living conditions of the construction personnel in high temperature weather, and expressed heartfelt thanks on behalf of the company to the construction personnel for their fearless "baking" inspection and dedication to their posts。He told the construction unit to ensure the quality of the project and strongly promote the progress of the project at the same time, must be concerned about the construction personnel, reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, ensure construction safety, and seize the construction period through scientific and effective measures。