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Carry out emergency first-aid skills learning, strengthen fire safety knowledge training
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In order to implement the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China,Regulations on Fire Safety Management of Organs, Organizations, Enterprises and Institutions, Regulations on Social Fire Safety Education and Training (Ministry of Public Security Decree No. 109),Measures for the Implementation of Chongqing Fire Safety Responsibility System,Conscientiously implement the Chongqing Emergency Management Bureau's "catch epidemic prevention.,Ensure safety,Boost production,Promote development "work,Widely popularize fire safety knowledge and health and safety knowledge,Raise fire safety awareness of all staff。On the morning of February 25, 2022, the company's safety production management Department specially invited Chongqing Limin Fire Prevention Publicity and Training Center to carry out special training on emergency first aid measures and fire safety knowledge for our company, and more than 30 employees, project leaders and safety officers of the company's headquarters participated in the training。

Self-rescue and mutual rescue are essential life skills for citizens

The necessity of first aid knowledge。When an accident occurs, timely and effective personnel first aid is the first principle of emergency treatment, and is the primary task of saving lives and reducing losses. If on-site first aid is not carried out in time, it is likely to lead to casualties。Through the training and instructor demonstration exercise, let everyone master the basic emergency treatment knowledge, master the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Heimlich first aid methods, improve everyone's self-rescue and self-care and response ability。

Second, fire safety management should be based on prevention, fire safety as a top priority to catch

Hidden dangers in the open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, the responsibility is heavier than Taishan, and it is still the main purpose of fire safety management。The focus of prevention work is to improve the degree of attention to this work, in order to eliminate fire hazards, improve fire awareness for the purpose, do not make oral articles, with practical actions and measures to effectively do fire safety work。

Third, strengthen fire safety knowledge training, master the fire "four capabilities" and "four understanding" and "four meetings"

Four abilities: the ability to check and eliminate fire hazards, the ability to fight initial fires, the ability to organize and guide personnel evacuation, and the ability to publicize and educate fire safety knowledge。

Four understanding: understand the danger of fire in the production and operation of this post, understand the cause of fire in the production and operation of this post, understand the method of fighting fire, and understand the method of self-rescue and escape。

Four meetings: will use fire equipment, will report the fire, will fight the initial fire, will organize evacuation escape。

Through this training, we have a further understanding of emergency first aid and fire safety work, at the same time, we also deeply realize that safety management and training is a major event in the process of enterprise production management, which is not only related to the company's property and interests, but also closely related to the life safety and vital interests of every employee。